Established in early 2016, the Joshua Early Childhood Center grew out of our renowned Early Intervention model to become an all-inclusive setting that serves children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old. Our non-profit center houses two separate programs that together form a community that emphasizes acceptance, understanding and character.​


  • Joshua Academy (JA) is a curriculum-based early childhood learning experience for all children. We focus on development in all key areas, including social, emotional, pre-academic and physical. We place a heavy emphasis on building character, kindness and acceptance through our integrated environment. We utilize Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD for assessment and teaching areas such as literacy, arithmetic, and social/emotional development.


  • Joshua Early Intervention (JEI) is a non-profit autism treatment program for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Utilizing the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and our 1:1 staff/child ratios, we have helped children for more than six years make tremendous progress and are raising the standards for autism treatment. In the most recent school year, our program transitioned 80 percent of our graduates with ASD into general education classrooms within their home school/public district.​


The Early Childhood Center is an expansion on JEI’s original Peer Mentorship Program, established in 2013 to serve typically developing preschoolers using the same educational mission and philosophies. In 2014, JEI was awarded a grant by Autism Speaks Family Service Committee.